ORBI Prime captures 360º videos and photos of your surroundings from true first person perspective hands-free.

Capture truly immersive photos and videos on your ORBI Prime solely or connect to your mobile device via WiFi and capture videos and photos using our mobile app.

View, edit, and share videos and photos instantly with your friends and family!

What’s in the box

  1. ORBI Prime Glasses
  2. USB charging cable
  3. Rear strap
  4. Water resistant EVA Case
  5. Carabiners
  6. Belt
  7. Lens cloth

Getting started

After unboxing, activate your ORBI Prime. Click MODE button once and then press the POWER button for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Tech Specification

Battery: rechargeable Li-ion, polymer

Capacity: 1230mAh, 4.55Wh 

Charging: micro-USB, 5V, 750mA

Image sensor: 1/5″ CMOS 5M-pixels (x4)

Still image: 2380x1500 (x4) 

Video: FullHD, 1920x1080, 30fps (x4)

Lens: ultra-compact wide-angle FOV 187°

Shooting mode: Still image / Video recording / Live streaming

Exposure control: Auto, 1/6400 - 1/30 second

White balance mode: Auto

Image file format:

Still image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.21), DCF2.0 compliant,

Video: MP4 (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: AAC)

Number of photos or videos that can be recorded:

Still image: ~ 5,000* 360-photos

Video (total recording time): ~ 45* minutes

External interface: Micro USB terminal: USB 2.0 

Weight: 108 g

Usage temperature range: 0℃ - 35℃ / 32ºF - 95ºF

Usage humidity range: 90% or less

Storage temperature range: -20℃ ~ 45℃ / -4ºF ~ 113ºF

* For 32GB MicroSD Card

MicroSD Card

A memory card must be inserted into the ORBI Prime to record videos or take photos. Memory cards are sold separately. ORBI Prime supports MicroSD Card: Speed Class V30 (U3) and higher, 8-128Gb

Make sure that your MicroSD card is formatted to FAT32 file system. If not, you may use a free utility for Windows to format your MicroSD card from Launch the utility, then, choose your MicroSD card from the list and click Start.

For Mac OS you don’t need any utilities, you can format your card using os capabilities. Three links below are three simple instructions for help. You can use any of it:

Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the ORBI Prime. Using an incompatible card may damage the ORBI Prime or the memory card, or corrupt the data stored on it.

List of supported MicroSD Cards:

  • SanDisk Extreme V30 (32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 (32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb)
  • Samsung EVO plus V30 (32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb)
  • Transcend V30 (8Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb)
  • Kingston V30 (32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb)



Power button

Press and hold for ~2 sec to turn ORBI Prime on or off

Press and hold for ~2 sec to wake up from STANDBY state

One click to check battery charge level

Wifi button

One click to check Wi-Fi status

Double click to change turn wifi on or off

Press and hold for ~8 seconds to reset wifi name and password to default

Mode button

One click to check camera mode

Double click to switch camera mode to video or photo

Shutter button

Press to start recording video or shoot photo

LED Indicator lights

The ORBI Prime has 3 types of LED indicators: 

1) 2 Outer LED indicator lights, that signify to people around that they are being filmed.

2) 2 inner RGB LEDs: show the status of the photo / video recording, glasses mode, wifi status and current battery charge level.

3) 2 LED RGB lights under the rubber pad between the SHUTTER and MODE buttons:

  • a. RED LED indicates that the battery is charging and GREEN LED indicates that battery is fully charged
  • b. BLUE LED indicates the firmware burning status. Blinking light indicates that firmware burning is in progress. Continuous LED light indicates that the firmware updating is completed.


Outer Red LED indicator

Inner RGB LED indicator


POWER button pressed and held for 2 seconds

Lights cont. for 6-10 seconds

White lights cont. for 1-4 seconds

The device is now powered on

POWER button pressed and held for 2 seconds


White blinks 3 times

The device is now powered off

POWER button pressed and held for 2 seconds

Blinks for very short time

White lights cont. for 1-2 seconds

Awakening from standby mode

POWER button 1 short click

(battery charge level check)


Green blinks 1 time

Yellow blinks 1 time

Red blinks 1 time

Battery is >60% charged

Battery is <60% charged

Battery is <30% charged


Blinks every 5-7 seconds


IDLE mode. Ready to record video or capture photo

SHUTTER button 1 click in video mode

Lights continuously

Green blinks 2 times


Fading Green

Green blinks 2 times

Recording video has started

Video is recording

Recording video stopped

SHUTTER button 1 click in photo mode

Blinks for a moment of taking of the photo

Blue blinks 2 times

Photo has been captured

SHUTTER button 1 click


Yellow blinks 1 time

SD card is not mounted

SD card mounting during IDLE mode


Yellow blinks 1 time

Successful mounting of SD card



Purple blinks 3 times

Device is turned off due to an internal error

MODE button 1 click


Green blinks 1 time


Blue blinks 1 time

Status check: video recording mode is on

Status check: photo capturing mode is on

MODE button double- click


Green blinks 1 time


Blue blinks 1 time

Video recording mode is on

Photo capturing mode is on

WIFI button 1 click


Cyan blinks 1 time

Cyan blinks 2 times

Status check: WiFi is off

Status check: WiFi is on

WIFI button double-click


Cyan blinks 1 time

Cyan blinks 2 times

WiFi is now turned off

WiFi is now turned on

WIFI button press and held for ~8 sec


Fading Blue

Indication process for WIFI reset


Recording videos and taking photos with just the ORBI Prime

You can use your ORBI Prime to record videos and take photos without connecting to any other devices. Make sure that MicroSD Card is inserted into your ORBI Prime.

To record video solely with the ORBI Prime:

  1. Turn on the device by pressing the POWER button down for 2 seconds
  2. Wear the glasses comfortably. Make sure your hair is not in the cameras’ field of view either by tucking the hair beneath the rear temples of the eyewear frame or by wearing a headband/beanie
  3. Press the SHUTTER button to start recording
  4. Press the shutter button again to stop recording

To take photos solely with ORBI Prime:

  1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button for 2 seconds
  2. Wear the glasses comfortably. Make sure your hair is not in the cameras’ field of view either by tucking the hair beneath the rear temples of the eyewear frame or by wearing a headband/beanie
  3. Press the MODE button to switch to photo capturing mode from video recording mode (which is set by default)
  4. Press the SHUTTER button to snap a photo 

Use a smartphone for recording video or taking photos with ORBI Prime

1. Download and install ORBI 360 app from App Store/Google Play


Get it on Google Play

2. Pair your eyewear with the phone

When you open the app for the first time, you will see Shoot tab and a dialog box that lets you know there is no connected device.

With the eyewear turned on, go to the system WI-Fi Settings, open the available networks list and wait till the device’s unique name appears as one of the available networks. You may find the device’s unique name and the password you will need to connect to the device either in the box or on the glasses themselves. It will look like this:

Connect to the network with the device’s unique name using the password provided and return to the App. After several seconds, a device control screen will appear in Shoot tab instead of no-connection dialog.

3. Take video or photo

On top of Shoot screen, there’s a switch for changing glasses modes: Photo, Live Preview, Video

a. in Photo mode, you can press a big round button to take a photo

b. in Live preview mode, you can pan up/down or left/right for changing camera’s view. Use  /// to change between “Hair”/”Hood”/”Little Planet”/”Fish eye” projections. Use  to reset point-of-view

c. in Video mode, you can start\stop recording using the big round button

Standby State

When the device is inactive for longer than 10 minutes and if it’s not connected to a smartphone it goes to STANDBY State. It prolongs the battery life and allows you to quickly start recording when you need to without having to turn it on again. In order to exit the STANDBY mode, click on the POWER button once. After that, you can start recording as usual.


Stitch videos or photos with the mobile app

After taking a photo or video footage you can switch to Media tab. You will see the media gallery screen. At the top, there is a switch that shows media either on connected device (“Glasses” button) or on phone (“On Phone” button).

Tap the media thumbnail to invoke the action sheet with “Preview”/”Transfer” options. Choose ‘Preview” if you want to quickly look through the content before starting transfer process.

Choose “Transfer” to actually stitch and download media to your phone. A Stitch dialog will appear (only for video) where you can choose:

  • a. Stitch distance. Near - the algorithm tries to stitch video by objects in near field (approx. 3 meters). Far - stitching will use more distant objects.
  • b. Maximum quality. When enabled the algorithm makes stitching seams less visible and enhance overall video quality (takes more time).

Wait till transfer is complete (you can cancel all transfers by pressing a “Cancel All Transfer” button)


Edit shot footage

Tap media again to open it in the app editor. In the editor you can use the following:

  • a. tap on video to play/pause
  • b. pan up/down or left/right for changing camera view
  • c. pinch for zooming in/out
  • d. swipe on timeline to rewind video
  • e. tap // to change between “Little Planet”/”Plain”/”Fish eye” projections
  • f. tap  for saving camera’s point-of-view (add key) on current frame
  • g. long tap on video to invoke ”Follow this” menu
  • h. tap  to reset camera’s point-of-view
  • i. tap  to invoke instruments panel

Export media to Phone gallery/Youtube

In the editor, tap  to see sharing options. Choose an option and wait till export is finished.


Change settings on your ORBI Prime

With the device connected, go to the Settings tab. You will see a list of available settings where you can:

  • a. set a name for your eyewear (by default, it is the Wi-Fi name)
  • b. check current Firmware version
  • c. change Wi-Fi settings (Wi-Fi hotspot name and/or password)
  • d. choose whether the device should launch its Wi-Fi automatically on start
  • e. set shutter delay
  • f. set power-off timeout: a period of the device inactivity after which it goes to STANDBY state
  • g. change LED brightness levels
  • h. set Running Mode option
  • i. clear SD card of your ORBI Prime

Stitching videos or photos with the desktop app

1. Download and install ORBI360_Editor app for  Windows or  Mac OS

2. After uploading the program, you will see the window displayed below.

3. Loading files to editor

Click the Load button on the left blue panel. You can choose the project file (*.opf), 360-video (*.cfg) that was previously copied from OrbiPrime glasses sd card or other 360-video (*.mp4).

You can cancel adding video to the stitching queue during the loading process. You can choose concrete sources for stitching using the “Stitch in background” switch later.

You can add sources to the video-sample panel. Double click to source or drag it to the sample panel. After that, you can edit current samples: trim video (change start and end frames), add Points of View (POVs),  track objects from screen center point. Click the compass label in the right-top corner to play video using POVs and Tracks. You can select POVs and change them.

If you need to, you can save current project to file (*.opf). Click the Save button in the left blue panel and select a name for the project file.

Click the Export button on the left blue panel if you are ready to export your project to a final video. You can choose the video type  in the Export window. Click «StartExport », choose the result file name  and wait for the result.

Update the firmware on your ORBI Prime using the mobile app

If new firmware is available, Update firmware dialog appears on Shoot tab when outdated device is connected. By tapping the Update button, you will start the update process. Also you can defer the update by tapping the Later button (later you can relaunch the update via Settings tab by tapping Firmware option).

Wait till the update is complete and keep your device turned on. In the end of the process your eyewear will be switched off automatically. When you switch them on the eyewear will be updated.

Safety cautions

• When recording videos for an extended period of time or in extreme weather conditions, the ORBI Prime may heat up. Power consumption in this case increases significantly. If the temperature rises above a certain level, the device will automatically stop recording and turn off to prevent damage. Should this occur, wait for it to cool down before using it again.

• Do not change or modify anything on the product

• Do not place the device in fire or water

• Do not damage or pierce the the device.

• Irreversible damage may be caused if sand, dust or water gets into the product. Should this occur, your product may not work as intended

• Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or alter the equipment yourself..

• Stop using the device immediately if you notice something unusual such as an abnormal smell, smoke, or overheating. Please ask your nearest dealer or service center for repair.

• Never put the device in a microwave oven or high-pressure container.

• Skin contact with fluid leaking from the battery in the camera can lead to chemical burns

• Do not use it wrapped in a cloth, etc. Doing so may cause fire.

• Do not allow the metal of the terminals to short circuit. Doing so may cause fire.

• Do not use it in wet places like kitchens where it will be exposed to oily smoke and humidity..

• Do not use the equipment near flammable gases, gasoline, benzene, thinner or similar substances to avoid the risk of explosion, fire or burns.

• Do not touch the internal components of the equipment if they become exposed as a result of being dropped or damaged.

• Keep the equipment out of the reach of children. Young children cannot understand the information in Safety Cautions, which may cause an accident.

• Turn off the power immediately if any metallic object, water, liquid or other foreign object gets into the camera. Do not continue using the ORBI Prime if it has a failure or a malfunction.

Important Notes

• This product is designed for recreational and leisure purposes

• The product must be used in accordance with local rules and regulations

• Do not record videos or take photos of other people without their permission.

• Do not record videos or take photos where it is legally prohibited.

• Do not record videos or take photos in places where you may violate other people’s privacy.

• The USB port can be used for data transfer via a PC only when the device is switched on

• Do not disconnect the USB cable from the ORBI Prime when you are transferring files. Doing so may cause data loss or device damage.

• Charging will be stopped if the temperature of battery decreases lower than +5C


If the ORBI Prime stops responding on any commands try to press and hold the POWER button for 10 seconds to reset. After that, click the MODE button once and then press POWER button for 2 seconds to turn on the device.


For all your support needs, please feel free to reach us at